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Established in 2006 Ensign Solutions provides a professional and affordable IT solution tailored to your requirements. We have assisted start-ups to national companies, charities and education establishments to reduce their IT support costs whilst increasing their level of support.


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Ensign Solutions Ltd

11 Cricketers Way, Benwick

Cambridgeshire. PE15 0UU

Phone: 01354 677858

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If you have any software requirements, we will be able to assist you


Software is the data instructions that make our PCs and Servers do things

We can break this into 2 Sections:

1. System software

This is the software that makes the computer/server function, Windows 8 etc

2. Application software

This is the software that does the real work for users i.e. word processing, accounts software etc.

With software comes licensing and you need to ensure that you are correctly licensed for the software and systems you are using. Licensing can become quite complex for Server systems. For the majority of licensing we can assist you directly, but for complexed licensing solutions we work with specialist licensing partners that will be able to assist you.

Most of the licensing we deal with directly with Microsoft, Symantec, F-Secure and Trend. If you require other licenses, we can help or we will put to in contact with someone that can help.

Contact us for more information or to quote for any license or software requirements.