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Established in 2006 Ensign Solutions provides a professional and affordable IT solution tailored to your requirements. We have assisted start-ups to national companies, charities and education establishments to reduce their IT support costs whilst increasing their level of support.


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Online Backup

Backup solutions tailored to your requirements


Backups are one of the most important when running a computer system whether it be a single PC to a large Server farm, but are mostly not treated this way. Users do not realise this until it is too late. Sometimes users think they are doing enough by keeping an external drive connected to the PC and having an automated backup routine. This is find for hardware failures but what happens if the house or office is damaged by fire or flood or some other accident both the hard drive and the backup are damaged.

Most users who use a cloud service think that their data is backed up, it is not, in the majority of cases it is only retained for a set period after deletion.

There are lots of different backup solutions available and we will help you choose the best for your requirements. This can be from fully automated online backups (set and forget) to on premise backups with an offsite backup too. There are also technologies that will backup live database files like SQL Server and your email server database. So there is a lot to take into consideration.

The hardware for backups can be vast too from a simple USB stick, external drive, online, tape backups, another PC etc the list just goes on.

We do not push any particular product, we tailor the solution to your individual requirements to ensure you have a robust and comprehensive backup solution. Once in place we can  test your Disaster Recovery solution for peace of mind.

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